Game information

Our team has designed a game for IAT410, Advanced Game Design. The course focuses on the process a team must go through in order to iterate a game, as well as having an innovation that makes it different from others.

publisher: Simon Fraser University

developers: Jenny Shen, Kevin Hustler, Tia Rambaran, Gavin Stinson, Chris Lu

Genre: Puzzle, music

Platform: PC/Mac/Linux Multiplatform (Flash 9)

Disclaimer Hootlin uses the following sound files from Freesound ( chair sitting (1,4,5) from FreqMan atmo_dripstone_cave from Connum Spooky_Wood from priestjd Foley_pick_up_gun_on_wood from martian crc_piece_of_wood_thrown_or_dropped from vibe timp_superball_mallet_5 from spt3125 Thunder_Strike_Close_Indoors from Kaffein